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Press } Articles } September 2007 - New York Magazine

New York Magazine

September 3rd, 2007


Super-elaborate closets

When roof decks, wine cellars, and Sub-Zero everything have become de rigueur, it’s easy to forget that luxury is not just what’s glamorous but what’s useful. To wit: Two new buildings in the city, 141 Fifth Avenue and 995 Fifth Avenue (the old Stanhope), have fully tricked-out custom closets. “When I see a developer who’s taken the time to think about living in the apartment, it makes such a difference,” says Harriet Weintraub, who markets those buildings. These beautifully finished spaces are designed like mini-boutiques, with cubbyholes, drawers, shoe racks, and spaces tall enough for eveningwear—and, most important, they’re ready at move-in. Shaun Osher, who’s working on 141 Fifth, says buyers notice the difference fast. “It’s one less thing they have to do when they come in,” he says, noting that adding such closets later can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Other buildings have caught on, giving clients the opportunity to work with customizing companies; the developer at 100 Eleventh Avenue works with Clos-ette, and Transform will do the spaces at Arris Lofts.

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